Логотип Seller

Financing sellers
on marketplaces with an
overpayment of 6.9%

  • Approval
    within 48 hours

  • Analysis by API key
    and bank statement

  • No hidden fees
    and imposed payments

  • Renewable limit
    after each redemption

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Why us

  • Fast approval

    Our unique scoring system allows us to make you an offer within 48 hours.

  • Individual terms

    For each client, we calculate the appropriate limit based on the terms of the financing.

  • Transparent terms

    For each tranche received, a fixed amount of overpayment is provided.

  • Specifically for sellers on the marketplace

    We are not a bank or an investor. We focus on a single client segment - sellers on marketplaces.

  • Reliable and safe

    The API methods we use exclude the possibility of changing the data in the product card.

  • Revolving limit

    After each payment, the available funding limit is renewed.

Calculate now

Required funding amount

100 000₽

Financing term

Total payout

106 900 rubles

Overpayment rate from

6.9 %

Weekly payment

Infinity rubles

How to get funding

  1. 1

    Provide the necessary data for analysis

    Upload API keys for accounts on marketplaces and a bank statement, and within 48 hours we will make you a proposal on the terms of financing.

  2. 2

    Accept the terms of the financing

    Choose a marketplace in which turnover will be taken into account for the calculation, as well as a suitable limit and funding period.

  3. 3

    Open current and nominal accounts with a partner bank

    The tranches of financing are transferred to the current account in the partner bank. Now we are working with Tochka Bank, the list will expand.

  4. 4

    Change bank details in the Personal Account of the marketplace

    As part of the financing, all payments from the selected marketplaces must come to a nominal account opened with a partner bank.

  5. 5

    Sign the required documents through the Electronic Document Management

    To receive funds, you must sign a loan agreement and a surety agreement.

  6. 6

    Increase your sales and raise your funding limit

    With increasing turnover, the amount of the limit increases. A discount is provided to regular customers.

What to spend on

  • Purchase or goods manufacturing

  • Promotion on marketplaces

  • Opening of a pick-up points

  • Closing cash gaps

  • Launch of own brand

  • Not allowed: withdrawal to individual accounts and repayment of loans

Any other questions?

    • At the moment, we finance sellers who are registered in Russia in the form of an LLC or an Individual Entrepreneur and have a stable income from marketplaces for more than 3 months.
    • To pre-calculate the funding limit, you need to send your API keys to app@seller-capital.ru for accounts on marketplaces alongside bank statements for all current accounts for 12 full calendar months (for LLC, the attached accounts card 51) in Excel form.
    • After agreeing on the terms of financing, you will need to open a settlement (current) and nominal account with a partner bank and change your payment details in your personal account on the marketplace.
    • Further, through the EDM (electronic document management) system, we jointly sign the required documents and provide you with funds in conformance with your application.

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Логотип Seller